• Added: Reimplementation of the "billing every x day of a month" recurring option, which allows you to always bill on a specific day of the month.
  • Improved: 'Testy' payment method accepts payment method tokens for testing purposes.
  • Improved: Customer table shows created date which is sortable.
  • Improved: Customer view shows VAT Number and phone numbers.
  • Improved: Product Plan now restricts one unique anchor code per product on the same product plan, which better suits the purpose of one quantity being transfered per anchor code.
  • Improved: GLN input field on GLN contacts is now restricted to 13 numeric characters in input.
  • Improved: API endpoint update subscription charge now accepts a negative custom price.
  • Improved: Payment Service Provider duplicated webhooks are now safely ignored, even when two subscriptions for webhooks are pointing to Upodi.
  • Fixed: API switch plan now correctly refuses if a discount is not allowed on the new product plan.