• Added: Active Subscription count on Product Plan view
  • Added: NETS Easy implementation
  • Improved: Feedback when trying to refund a credit note where the associated payment method has since been deleted
  • Improved: Tax rules now ignores case on matching countries with tax rules
  • Improved: Sproom now includes the invoice.InvoiceReference in the sendout
  • Improved: Improved Adyen error messages when fx the end-customer disabled their payment from the Adyen pay-by-link and other related error messages on payments
  • Improved: Business Central posts invoices with the Upodi Invoice Number
  • Improved: Better error message if the associated email template does not have PDF template enabled
  • Fixed: Subscription modifieddate were in some cases not updated correctly
  • Fixed: Switch plan on top of a proration would in some cases produce wrong results
  • Fixed: The customer activity log now correctly corrects dates for the user timezone
  • Fixed: Sproom now puts the invoice.Description in a more appropriate field on the e-invoice
  • Fixed: Business Unit user was in some cases able to see data not belonging to that Business Unit