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Posted by Rasmus Foged about a year ago

Our Release in Third Quarter of 2018 Changelog - added: Functionality 'Contacts' has been released; Create child contacts for each of your customers, that can be used to store information and hol...


Posted by Lasse Rønn about a year ago

Changelog - added: Payment terms are introduced, which can be displayed on the invoices - added: The ability to choose proration when adding quantity or switching plans has been released - added: ...


Posted by Lasse Rønn 2 years ago

Changelog - added: Ability to switch between plans on renewal - improved: Updated UI feature and ease-of-use


Posted by Lasse Rønn 2 years ago

Changelog - added: Support for QuickPay and PayLike.IO payment providers - added: Pre-updated templates for email triggers and communications - improved: Dunning management includes end-action - f...