Billy's Billing

Billys billing integration for Upodi


Billys billing is a small financial application (ERP). Billys manages all debit and credit including financial transactions.

  • Upodi will automatically post genereated invoices directly (new, changes and payments) to Billys billing.
  • Upodi will automatically post customers to Billy's billing if these do not exist.
  • Upodi will automatically post contacts to Billy's billing if these do not exist.



Billy's will need to match each SKU of a product plan charge with a product in Billy's. All product plan charges in Upodi must have a specified SKU for the integration to work.

Customers in Upodi that Upodi should create in Billy's must have a unique and valid Primary Email, as this is a requirement for Billy's to work.

Test account of Billy's billing

You can sign up for a demo account of Billy's billing here .


Did You Know?

Billy's Billing is the most simple and easy to use accouting system in Denmark? And all the cool features are free? Head over to Billy's to get your trial!

Connecting Upodi to Billy's Billing

Connect Upodi to Billy's Billing by following these steps.

  1. Login to Billy's using your credentials.
  2. Select the Settings icon (wheel) and select Access keys (adgangsnøgler).
  3. We recommend you to create a new key labelled Upodi. Copy this key.
  4. Login to Upodi using an administrator user.
  5. Navigate to Apps > Billy's Billing and provide the key from step #3.

Now you have automated subscription billing and payment using Upodi and Billy's.