Dynamics 365 Business Central



Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Release

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central financial for Upodi is out of open BETA. As Microsoft moved from the BETA end-points to v1, Upodi now support features of v1 API to the full extend.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a SaaS online ERP platform for medium to large enterprises in the world. Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC manages all debit and credit including financial transactions.

Support for Dynamics 365 BC as follows:

  • Upodi will automatically create genereated invoices directly in D365 BC and set payment terms as in Upodi.
  • Upodi will, if configured, automatically post the invoices in D365 BC.
  • Upodi will automatically post non-existing customers to D365 BC.

In addition, Upodi supports advanced options such as accrual, and departmental booking. Granular options are provided by support of Upodi Helpdesk.

Test account of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

You can sign up for a demo account of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central here .



  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC will need to match each SKU of a product plan charge with a product in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC. All product plan charges in Upodi must have a specified SKU for the integration to work.
  • Currencies used in Upodi will have to be created in Business Central and have exchange rates configured
  • Manual No's have to be enabled for the invoice and credit note template marked as your default choice in number series settings
  • General Journal Templates needs to have one of type Cash Receipts with a number series attached

Connecting Dynamics 365 and Upodi

To integrate Upodi with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will have to have administrative permissions to allow application consent, and you must have a configured profile and user in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Upodi require application consent to your instance of Business Central. In addition, the user who is connecting Upodi with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, must be an administrartive user for the instance and the company within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and have a configured user profile.

As a minimum the user authorizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 access to Upodi need the Application Administrator role. We recommend the user being a global administrator.

In summary:

  • The user consenting the connection needs to have "Application Administrator" permissions and not simply "Dynamics 365 administrator".
  • The user must have a configured Dynamics 365 user within the company ( Dynamics 365 company - not related to upodi ).

Please see the following documentation from Microsoft to proceeed.

Choosing how customers are created

If the customer does not exist already in Business Central Upodi creates it using the default customer template assigned to the API. These defaults can be changed in Business Central in the API Setup section in administration. Make sure customers are assigned with a template, and decide what your default customer setup should be in Business Central.

Manual Numbers enablement

In order for Upodi to choose the invoice number it is important that you enable manual numbering on the invoice and credit note template that you have assigned as your default choice for these types of objects. This is found by entering the "No. Series" settings and locating your invoice- and credit note defaults. Usually the S-INV and S-CRE for international businesses and fx S-FAK and S-KRE for Denmark specifically.

Accrual accounting

Accrual accounting is automatically enabled for invoice posting. This feature makes all invoice lines sent to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC follow an accrual basis, where earnings are reported immediately based on invoice lines, as opposed to a cash basis, where earnings are calculated upon actually receiving the payment.

In order to utilise it you have to configure your items to have a default deferral template assigned. Then all sales on that particular product will automatically receive this deferral template.