Upodi provide the support of e-invoicing via networks such as PEPPOL and GLN.

Recipient resolution

Using e-invoicing requires looking up the correct recipient and operators. By using a system of business rules, Upodi try to find the most appropriate route for e-invoicing distribution.

The order of resolution is as follows (first match select the route):

  • GLN/EAN number (including OVT) from the contact of a Customer.
  • VAT from the Customer.
  • IBAN/Swift codes from the Customer (in preview)

If no match is found an invalidation message is returned.

Supported formats

  • UBL
  • Finvoice 3.0


3rd party processing of data

Please be aware that using e-invoicing via Upodi requires application of data processing via Sproom, Visma Autoinvoice and/or Maventa.