PDF invoices

Upodi support attaching a PDF file with the distribution of an invoice. The PDF is fully customizable and work through the configuration of the HTML template in Upodi. You can configure any of your desired layouts using images, colors and structures. We recommend, however that you consider how the user will recieve the invoice and maybe print.

Configure distribution of PDF invoices

  1. Configure and enable the "Attachment: Invoice as PDF" template under Marketing > Templates. The template support merging content and fields from the invoice object.
  2. Enable attachments under Setup > Invoice and check off "Attach Pdf".

Using the API

As a developer you may require to retrieve the PDF via our API.

Use the following example to retrieve the PDF:

curl -X GET https://api.upodi.io/v3/invoices/invoiceNumber/getpdfwithinvoicenumber
-H 'Content-type: application/json'
-H "Authorization: Bearer Ajc0YjNjMTMtNWIwNi00MGMxLTljMjctMzhiM2EzZmE5NGRk;"

This will return a stream of the PDF.


Enabling PDF may result in PDF to all invoices

Only e-mail template sets assigned as default, to the customer or the product family with an enabled PDF template, will distribute a PDF.

PDF invoices are cached once generated to optimize for speed and performance. Resending the invoice via email will not regenerated a cached PDF. Cached PDFs will be deleted after 90 days.