This feature is currently in public beta.

Please contact Upodi at [email protected] for help with setting up your Shipmondo integration.


Upodi now offers a one-way event-based integration to Shipmondo. The basic flow is this:

  1. An invoice is paid via the automatic payment flow or marked as paid in Upodi.
  2. The required information is collected from the following sources:
    • your Upodi tenant (Customer data)
    • the paid invoice (Invoice Data)
    • your shipment configuration (see below)
  3. Upodi creates a new order in Shipmondo using a shipment template of your choice.
  4. The orders need to be finalized in Shipmondo by you.


You will need to supply the following information in order for Upodi to configure your Shipmondo integration:

Contact info:

  • Company name
  • Sender address
  • Phone
  • Email

Shimpondo configuration:

  • Username and Password for API access (in Shipmondo go to "Settings" -> "API" -> "Access")
  • The ID of the shipment template that you wish to use.
  • Product Code for the shipping product you wish to use.

Cool, where do I sign up?

Sign up for an account on if you don't already have one.

Write os at [email protected] or through the chat in the lower right corner of the screen and we'll help you along!