Any Error includes a Type, a short Message, a Upodi specific Errorcode, the Httpstatuscode and a Helplink linking to a relevant section of this document.

There are two error types, api_error and request_error:

TypeHTTP Error CodesReason
api_error500-600An internal error occured while processing your request. This should be reported to the support team via the message button to your right, while including URL, body and other relevant information, so we can resolve the issue.
request_error400-499There is an error with the request you made. It could be invalid URL, the authentication header could be missing etc. In this case the message will give more information.

The message will always describe what kind of problem we encountered while processing your request. In comination with the helplink this will often be enough to answer any questions you might have. If this is not the case please contact the support team and let them clarify what went wrong.