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Merging e-mail content

E-mail templates can be edited in pure HTML allowing full customization options and freedom of design. Content elements are presented on the side of the e-mail template editor. These content elements are referred as tags.

Tags replace content from the various objects in the database and are formatted using handlebars {{somename}}.

<table width="100%" border="1" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5">
      {{#if_eq PaymentTerm PaymentTerm}}
      <td>Checks:{{PaymentTerm}} == {{PaymentTerm}}</td>
      {{#if_eq PaymentTerm "7"}}
      <td>Checks:{{PaymentTerm}} == "7"</td>

      {{#switch PaymentTerm}}
              {{#case "8"}}
                             <td>{{PaymentTerm}} is "8"</td>
              {{#case "7"}}
                             <td>{{PaymentTerm}} is "7"</td>

An example on how to iterate through various invoice-lines is shown below.

{{#each InvoiceLines}}
  <div class="row">


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