Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 5.0!

Payment methods

A customer may have one or more payment methods for processing payments.

All customers in Upodi without a payment method is threated as a manual payment (basic invoice). This is the system default approach. Customers may have multiple payment methods. Whether these are card based payment methods using VISA or Mastercard or payments are offline payments such as FI, GLN, EAN or SEPA - Upodi will handle the payment accordantly.

A payment method is directly connected with a given payment provider. Read more on payment here. Register your payment provider before adding payment methods.

The default payment method

The default payment method determined which payment method to use for given automated actions. A customer can only have one default payment method.

Adding a new payment method

You can use Upodi to add a new payment method. Simply sign in, find the desired Customer and select Add new Payment method. Available payment methods are subject to which payment providers you have completed in your setup.

You can also use the API as examplified:

curl -X POST https://api.upodi.io/v2/paymentmethods/{customerid}/
-H 'Content-type: application/json'
-H "Authorization: Bearer Zjc0YjNjMTMtNW...zZmE5NGRk;" 
-d '{ ' \
-d '  "type" : 64, ' \
-d '  "makedefault" : "true", ' \
-d '  "puretoken" : { ' \
-d '    "token" : "cus_324mkl25kl2kj", ' \
-d '    "paymentgateway" : "stripe" ' \
-d '  } ' \
-d '}'
POST https://api.upodi.io/v2/paymentmethods/{customerid}/ HTTP/1.1 
  "type" : 64 /* PureTokenBased = 64 */,
  "makedefault" : "true", /* will make the payment method default */
  "puretoken" : { 
    "token" : "cus_324mkl25kl2kj", /* Stripe customer source */
    "paymentgateway" : "stripe"

Overriding the payment method on subscriptions

A subscription may alter the default payment method. This is done by selecting the customer desired payment method on a given subscription, which will alter the default upon billing.