Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 5.0!

# Dinero integration for Upodi


[Dinero](🔗) is a small financial application (ERP) today owned by Visma. Dinero manages all debit and credit including financial transactions.

  • Upodi will automatically post genereated invoices directly (new, changes and payments) to Dinero.

  • Upodi will automatically post customers (new or changes) to Dinero.

  • Upodi will automatically post contacts (new or changes) to Dinero.

## Test account of Dinero

You can sign up for a demo account of Dinero [here](🔗) .

## Requirements and Setup

To use Dinero with Upodi, you need a Dinero Pro subscription which enables the Dinero API. Once the account is setup, follow these steps to integrate your Upodi account with your Dinero account.


Dinero **will need** to match each SKU of a product plan charge with a product in Dinero. All product plan charges in Upodi **must** have a specified SKU for the integration to work.


You must specify the feature/SKU.

  1. Sign into [Upodi](🔗), then select **Apps** in the **Upodi** section, and then select **Dinero**.

  2. Open another browser, and sign into [Dinero](🔗). Select **Options** from the menu bar, then **API** and click **New API Key**. Type a name for the key (i.e. Upodi) and click **Create API Key**.

  3. Once the key is generated, copy this _API key_ for later use and record the _company ID_ in the lower left corner. You will use these next.

  4. Within Upodi, type the _API key_, the _company Id_ and check the _general ledger_ account for foreign and local customers.

_This integration is maintained by Upodi_