Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 5.0!

The following elements are supported in most of the e-mail templates.

Invoice{{IdCurrencyCode}} {{IdTotalAmount}} {{Total}} {{TotalVat}} {{InvoiceDate}} {{DueDate}} {{PaymentDate}} {{PaymentStatus}} {{InvoiceLines}} {{PaymentDescriptor}}{{PaymentStatus}} will have one of the following case-sensitive values: - NotPaid - Paid - Cancelled - PendingPayment - PendingResponse - Declined - PendingRetry - Failed
Invoice line{{Title}} {{IlDescription}} {{Quantity}} {{IlTotalVat}} {{IlUnitPrice}} {{IlTotalPrice}} {{Unit}} {{Discount}} {{DiscountAmount}} {{TotalPriceBaseCurrency}} {{TotalPriceExchangeRate}}
Subscription{{SdStatus}} {{StartDate}} {{EndDate}} {{InitialTerm}} {{RenewalTerm}} {{LastRenewalDate}} {{CancellationDate}} {{ActivationDate}}
Customer{{CompanyName}} {{CdFullName}} {{PrimaryEmail}} {{CdCurrencyCode}} {{HomePhone}} {{BusinessPhone}} {{MobilePhone}} {{AddressLine1}} {{AddressLine2}} {{City}} {{PostalCode}} {{Country}} {{County}} {{State}} {{PaymentTerm}}

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