Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 5.0!

This guide is minded for the new subscription business. Congratulations! Subscription is the best monetization of a long term relationship. You would like to configure your plans and subscriptions and finally accept payment methods (credit card and likes).

This guide will go through the new easy steps:

  1. Setup your product plan

  2. Create new customer

  3. Create new subscription linked to both

## Step 1 of 3: Setup your product plan

A product plan defines your business model. This includes what a subscription cost, how often it will be charged and which customer be invoiced etc.

Creating new product plans in Upodi is ready. Navigate to https://app.upodi.io, sign in and select **Product Plans** > **Create new** under **Product Catalog**.

Note down the `Product Plan ID` as we will need it in step 3 when creating a new subscription.

We will start by creating a simple example plan. Type the name of the plan - in this example "Basic plan". Once completed, select "Create new charge" to create the first charge. A product plan may hold multiple charges, which have different timing, pricing and alignment. A product plan acts as a template for coming subscriptions. :owlbert:

## Step 2 of 3: Create a new customer

You can either use Upodi to create a customer or via [API](🔗).

Go to https://app.upodi.io and select **Customers** > **Create new**. Enter the name and details of the customer and click **Save**.

Note down the `Customer ID` as we will need it in the next step 3 when creating a new subscription.

If you instead wish to integrate directly with your system, you can do so using our API.

## Step 3 of 3: Create a new subscription

Once you have created the customer, you can now click on the customer and select **Add Subscription**. Here you can select the subscription plan created in step 1. Define the subscription terms (start and end date).

Once you are ready to active the subscription for billing, click on **Activate**.