Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 5.0!

The first time you sign into Upodi, you will have to setup a few elements. These elements are to assist the platform in performing the subscription management.


You will be asked for the **Name** and **VAT** of your company. In addition you will set the **Base currency** and the **Timezone**.

You can always later change the settings under _Setup_ > _General_.

Setting the base currency cannot be changed

Upodi is a multicurrency platform, in which invoice & subscription records can be associated with a currency. This currency is called the transaction currency.

Once you have defined the base currency you cannot change this setting due to the multicurrency nature of the platform.

## What's Next

Once set, you will enter the welcome page of Upodi. From here the next steps include

  1. Finalizing the _General Settings_ under _Setup_ > _General_

  2. Settings up your [payment infrastructure](🔗). Please read about the supported payment gateways.

  3. Settings up default dunning schemes.

  4. Adding your first product plan(s).

  5. Adding your first customer(s).

  6. Adding the first subscription.

## Sandbox and Production mode

As default your Upodi tenant starts in **Sandbox mode**, a mode in which no transactions are carried through and no emails are being sent to customers. This allows you to safely set up and test your Upodi system before you make the final switch into **Production mode**

What the Upodi client does in each mode:

ModeSandbox modeProduction mode
Emails- **No emails** are sent to customers, but BCC emails to main receiver is still sent- All emails are sent
Upodi Transactions- Transactions are **marked as successful** unless a card with CVC '123' is used, which will result in a failed transaction.- Transactions are carried through (Authorize and instant capture).
Payment gateway- Transactions through a payment gateway which supports it will **authorize and instantly release**, which results in no payment being made.- Transactions are carried through (Authorize and instant capture).
ERP Systems- Integration to an ERP system **will book invoices, create customers and send out invoices** if set up in Upodi- Integration to an ERP system will book invoices, create customers and send out invoices if set up in Upodi