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The subscription is created when a customer is subscribed to a Product Plan. The subscription is a complete copy of the current Product Plan with all the Product Plan Charges referencing prices, billing cycles and the default quantities.

The subscription holds the state of the billing cycle, including the term of the subscription and the advancement in billing.

  • A subscription can be termed, in the sense of having a start and an end-date. A termed subscription can renew and be set to automatically renew upon the anchor of the renewal. A termed subscription will have both properties set.

  • A subscription can also be evergreen, in the sense that there is no end-date assigned to the subscription. An evergreen subscription does not have any renewal, they meerly run till they are cancelled.

## Stages of a subscription.

ActiveSubscription is active and charges are being processed on each cycle.Active (1)Active (0)
Inactive (draft)Subscription is being created and edited. No processing is done.Inactive (7)Draft (5)
On holdSubscription is active, though not processed on next cycle. Subscription can be reactivated at a later time. Upon this time, existing (holding charges) can either be discarded or processed in bulk.Inactive (7)Hold (8)
CancelledSubscription has been actively cancelled by a user or the API.Inactive (7)Cancelled (4)
Pending cancellationSubscription has been actively cancelled by a user or the API, and will cancel at next renewal. Intermediate charges will be processed.Active (1)PendingEnding (6)
EndedSubscription has ended its lifecycle, and terminated without manual cancellation.Inactive (7)Ended (7)

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