Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 5.0!

Upodi features setting up tax rules for different countries, states and customer types in order to automatically include taxes on your invoices.

The tax rule will be activated when the customer's **country** (required), **state** and **customer type** matches one of the tax rules. These fields at matched for every invoice generation.

## Customer types are:

  • **Consumer**, which means a customer _without_ a VAT number.

  • **Business**, which means a customer _with_ a VAT number.

The Product Plan Charges also have to have **Taxable** enabled, which declares the product is taxable.

To match any value, use a * character to indicate matching all. If no match is made, no VAT is applied to the invoice.

Checklist to enable taxation on your invoice

  • Customers country (and state) is created as a tax rule

  • If Customer Type is defined the customer is of said type

  • The product plan charges have "Taxable" enabled

## Cheat sheet for matching

Here is a few examples on how the tax matching is done.

Match ruleCustomerCondition output
Customer type = Business Country = * State = *VAT number present Country = Isreal State = nothingMatch
Customer type = Business Country = Norway State = *VAT number present Country = Denmark State = nothingNo match
Customer type = * Country = * State = *VAT number present Country = Denmark State = nothingMatch

## Questions?

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