Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 5.0!

Upodi provides support for three (3) distinct charge types. The following outlines the different use-cases. Upodi support up to 1.000 charges per product plan. This should be sufficient to support complex subscription models.

### **One-time**

The charge is only applied once per subscription life-cycle. Once the charge is calculated and claimed, the charge will never be claimed again.

This enables the use of sign-up charges, by aligning the charge with the start date or activation date. By aligning the charge with the end-date, or cancellation date of a subscription - one-time charges can be used as a cancellation and "end-of-life" fees.


### **Recurring**

The charge is applied in a recurring billing schedule. This schedule is defined on the Product Plan Charge in detail, and has a continious cycle often monthly, quarterly or annually. The amount can change over time, and sometimes charges can be offset, allowing different timeperiods on a cycle.


This enables your subscription to be charged on a regular cycle like monthly, daily, weekly or yearly. Specific days of month like last day, or day in a week (1-7) also enables specific billing structures.

### **Usage**

Usage is applied at the end of a charge period like a recurring charge. Upon charge, the quantity of the charge is reset to the default quantity of the product plan.

This model is known in the example of a celluar subscription service, where you are charged by the usage of minutes, and/or short text messages.


## Questions?

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