Hey! These docs are for version 1.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 5.0!

subscriptioncharge object

Properties of the subscription charge object

A subscription charge will be created for each billing cycle. The state of the previous subscription charge object will be transferred to the a new "pending" subscription charge. This enables a history of each charge back in time. New IDs are set for each new charge.

  /* id of object, set by upodi */
  "id": "guid",
  "amount": "float",
  "nextchargedate": "datetime",
  "previouschargedate": "datetime",
  "subscription": "subscription",
  "productplancharge": "productplancharge",
  "customer": "customer",
  "subscriptionid": "guid",
  /* set by upodi */
  "toggled" : "boolean",
  "productplanchargeid" : "guid",
  "customerid" : "guid",
  "unitprice" : "float",
  "currencycode" : "string",
  "description" : "string",
  "invoiceid" : "guid",
  "invoice" : "invoice",
  "statecode" : "integer",
  "createdby" : "guid",
  "modifiedby" : "guid",
  /* draft=0,active=1,hold=2 */
  "statecode" : "integer",
  /* draft=0,active=1,inactive=7,deleted=1024 */
  "status" : "integer",
  /* set by upodi */
  "createdbyuser": "userprofile",
  /* set by upodi */
  "modifiedbyuser": "userprofile",
  /* set by upodi */
  "createddate": "datetime",
  "modifieddate": "datetime"