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Posted by Rasmus Foged 2 months ago

Security hotfix. Changelog - improved: Solved security hotfix.

Future roadmap

Posted by Lasse Rønn 2 months ago

Learn the insights to what we are working on. The following elements are subject to future releases and indicate what Upodi is working on, without any committed date of release. Upodi is committed ...


Posted by Lasse Rønn 2 months ago

Changelog - added: DIBS D2 Payment Gateway - added: E-conomic: GLN (EAN) Contacts Creation - improved: Performance of Subscription Engine - improved: GoCardless: Easier connection via OAuth - fixe...


Posted by Lasse Rønn 3 months ago

Changelog - added: Credit Notes (Negative invoices) creation and export to ERPs - added: GoCardless to handle SEPA and Betalingsservice - added: Dynamics 365 Business Central now released in BETA ...


Posted by Lasse Rønn 4 months ago

Changelog - added: Dunning in a new version: Includes advanced options for switching Payment Provider during dunning and more finetuned control of email triggers and wait times. - added: Currency ...


Posted by Lasse Rønn 6 months ago

Changelog - added: New Charge Type 'Metered' used for detailed Usage Data calculations - added: EntryDate field on Set Amount endpoints, which means you can report historic changes in Quantity - a...


Posted by Lasse Rønn 7 months ago

Changelog - added: API V3 - Notable addition is POST Invoice - added: Email Template now includes a Payment Successful email trigger - added: Email Template now includes a Dunning Notification: Pe...


Posted by Lasse Rønn 8 months ago

Changelog - added: New Field Invoice.InvoiceStatus which contain the status of the invoice as announced by e-mail and notification. - added: Custom Invoice functionality, which lets you create a c...


Posted by Lasse Rønn 10 months ago

Changelog - added: Upodi 'Insights' displaying user data in graphs of MRR, Customers and Business has been released in a beta version. - added: Endpoint to add a Payment Method to a Subscription w...


Posted by Lasse Rønn 11 months ago

Changelog - added: Support for bank-to-bank Payment provider and the support for adding more in the future. - added: The functionality 'Anchor code' allows creating connections between products fo...