Product Plan

Product Plan

The Product Plan is the template of your subscriptions, and should always represent your most present business model. When you subscribe a Customer to a product plan it will create a subscription based on the settings on your plan. The plan defines the:

  • Unit costs
  • Billing intervals
  • Currencies

The Product Plan contains settings that will apply to all subscriptions created based on this Product Plan.

Product Plan Charges

Product Plan Charges are the actual products available to the customer subscribing to the Product Plan. The product plan charges can have different billing cycles, pricing models, prices and tax rules.


When a customer is subscribed to a Product Plan a replicate of the Product Plan with all its Product Plan Charges is created - this we call the Subscription.


Creating your product plans in Upodi

Upodi Product Plans cannot be created or changed through the API, but has to be created through the Upodi Web Application. Creating the Product Plans

If you want to learn more about how you create the product plans on the Upodi platform you can head over to our learning pages on Product Plans.

If you are a developer you probably want to review the API on product plans and the Product Plan object.