QuickPay Setup and API Retrievement

Set your Acquirer to Enable Subscriptions

Most acquirers in the QuickPay setup requires that you allow subscriptions.

  1. Open the settings for your acquirer in QuickPay
  1. Click the acquirer you are using with your QuickPay to open configuration.

In this example I choose the Clearhaus acquirer. Same procedure applies for other acquirers

  1. Click enable subscriptions

Retrieve QuickPay API

When adding a Quickpay payment gateway, you must fill in your API key from Quickpay in order to connect you Quickpay account with your Upodi account.

  1. Log in to the Quickpay Admin and navigate to the User section in the left menu.

Users control panel is found by expanding settings

  1. Create a new API user

An API user is a user that allows communication with your instance of QuickPay and can act on behalf of you

  1. Select all relevant permissions by ticking the boxes for all in the categories Payments, Cards and Subscriptions.

Permissions are located by scrolling down.

  1. Click See API Key and copy the key to your clipboard
  1. Open up Upodi and locate your QuickPay settings in Setup > Payment Providers > QuickPay.

When the API key has been saved in Upodi we can communicate with QuickPay on your behalf

  1. When you click Configure paste the API key in the designated box and click save.