Terms for Handling Contact Data and Credit Cards

Handling customer data is a sensitive matter - especially when it comes to credit cards and other financial information. Therefore an important step, when creating a subscription business, is to document the terms on which the content of your subscription is delivered to your subscribers.

The terms vary greatly from business to business, so unfortunately there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all set of terms. There are, however, some basic terms regarding the relationship between your customer, you as a company, your Payment Service Provider (PSP) and Upodi, which should be documented in your terms regardless of your business model.

To help you document the relationship between Upodi ApS, your PSP and your company, we have created a brief summary of what information is stored, where and who has access to which customer data.

Please note that the responsibility for your terms and conditions lies solely with you. Upodi is not responsible for the content of your terms and conditions.

With that in mind, we hereby offer you a basic template to explain how your customers' data (including credit card information) is handled, when you use Upodi (Scroll down for Danish version):

English Version:

Handling Customer Data:

By providing your personal data to [COMPANY NAME] you accept that your data (including credit card information) is used to create and pay future invoices from [COMPANY NAME].

You data is collected via the website [DOMAIN NAME], which belongs to [DOMAIN OWNER]. Your data is separated into two categories:

Contact and company information, such as name, address, e-mail address etc. and if applicable, company name, VAT no. and other relevant company data.
Your contact information is stored by Upodi ApS, as well as [COMPANY NAME] and is used to generate and distribute future invoices, as a result of your subscription with [COMPANY NAME]. [COMPANY NAME] may also use this data to contact you if needed.

Credit card information (Credit card number, expiry data and 3-digit CVV nr.)
The credit card information is encrypted and sent to [COMPANY NAME]'s Payment Service Provider (PSP) [PAYMENT SERVICE PROVIDER]. [PAYMENT SERVICE PROVIDER] stores your credit card and handles future payments for your subscription on behalf of [COMPANY NAME]. This process is conducted in full compliance with the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Neither Upodi ApS nor [COMPANY NAME] have access to your raw credit card information.

By registering a credit card via [DOMAIN NAME] your future invoices regarding your subscription will be charged automatically from that credit card. You will still receive an invoice on the email address, that you have supplied.

If you have any questions about how we handle your personal data, please write us at [EMAIL ADDRESS].

Danish Version:

Danish Version:

Behandling af kundeoplysninger:

Ved at oprette dig som kunde hos [FIRMANAVN] indvilger du i, at dine oplysninger (herunder kreditkortoplysninger) benyttes til fremsendelse og betaling af fremtidige fakturaer fra [FIRMANAVN].

Dine kundeoplysninger opsamles via hjemmesiden [DOMÆNE], som tilhører [EJER AF DOMÆNE]. Der skelnes mellem to typer kundeoplysninger:

Kontaktoplysninger og virksomhedsoplysninger, såsom navn, adresse, e-mail og evt. CVR nr.
Disse kontaktoplysninger opbevares af Upodi ApS samt [FIRMANAVN] og benyttes af Upodi ApS til udarbejdelse af de fakturaer, som fremsendes som følge af dit abonnement hos [FIRMANAVN]. [FIRMANAVN] kan desuden benytte disse oplysninger til at kontakte dig, hvis der opstår behov for dette.

Kreditkortoplysninger (kortnummer, udløbsdato og 3-cifret CVV)
Disse kortoplysninger sendes krypteret til [FIRMANAVN] betalingsudbyder [BETALINGSUDBYDER], som opbevarer kortoplysningerne til betaling af fremtidige fakturaer. Dette sker i fuld overensstemmelse med den internationale ”Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard” (PCI DSS). Hverken Upodi ApS eller [FIRMANAVN] har adgang til dine rå kortoplysninger.

Når du har registreret dit betalingskort, vil fremtidige fakturaer fra [FIRMANAVN] blive betalt via det pågældende kort. Du vil fortsat modtage en faktura for betalingen på den registrerede e-mail adresse.

Øvrige spørgsmål om behandling af kundeoplysninger bedes venligst rettet til [MAILADRESSE].