The API provide standardized HTML status code response when dealing with errors.

  • 200 or 201 is returned on success.
  • 400, 404 is returned on item not found.
  • 401, 403 is returned on authentication or authorization failures.
  • 429 is returned if you have reach the rate limitations.
  • 500 in case of system error.

In case we return an error, we return an error object as illustrated in the example below:

    "Message": "ProductPlan entity not found. Please check id of entity.",
    "ErrorCode": 45302,
    "HttpStatusCode": 404,
    "Type": "Request",
    "TraceId": "2c7c7f7c29fc214092ef61cb8bee82d9",
    "Errors": []

Tracing the error

The TraceId is the error id logged in the platform. We assign this TraceId across any component, microservice and external integration to link the full stack. If you get an 500 or similar error, contact our helpdesk and we will review the issue subject to the TraceId.


Proactive monitoring

Upodi facilitates a modern DevOps organization. All errors and exceptions are logged and reviewed every hour. A duty-manager is assigned every day to monitor logs and errors. We have errors like any other software, yet we prioritize to solve each of them as fast as possible.