invoice object

Properties of the invoice object

  /* Id, non-mutable and set by Upodi */
  "id": "guid",
  "customerid": "guid",
  "subscriptionid": "guid",
  "description": "string",
  "currencycode": "string",
  /* Total amount incl. VAT, set by Upodi. */
  "totalamount": "decimal",
  "total": "decimal",
  /* Total VAT, set by Upodi. */
  "totalvat": "decimal",
  "invoicedate": "datetime",
  "duedate": "datetime",
  "paymentdate": "datetime",
    Payment status set by Upodi.
  "paymentstatus": "integer",
    Invoice status set by Upodi.
  "invoicestatus": "integer",
    /* custom key, example a remote id */
  "refkey": "string", 
   /* a reference for the purchase, useful for a purchase order number or similar */
  "invoicereference": "string",
    /* payment method associated with the invoice */
  "paymentmethodid": "guid",
  "paymentmethod": "paymentmethod object",
    /* text representation of the payment method */
  "paymentdescriptor": "string",
    /* payment provider specific data related to last payment */
  "paymentreference": "string",
    /* the card issuer fx visa or mastercard */
  "paymentissuer": "string",
     /* true if invoice is a credit note. read-only */
  "iscreditnote" : "boolean",
      /* 1=delivered, 2=read, 0=notset */
  "emailstatus" : "integer",
      /* date of email first delivery */
  "emaildelivereddate" : "datetime",
      /* date of email first opened */
  "emailopeneddate" : "datetime", 
      /* the payment service provider used for the payment fx stripe */
  "paymentprovider": "string",
  "paymentterm": "integer",
      /* 0=Invoice, 1=Amendment */
  "invoicetype": "integer",
      /* text representation of the invoice (example INV-0002130) */
  "invoicenumber": "string",
      /* numeric of the invoice number (example 2130) */
  "invoicenumeric" : "long",
  "invoicecounter": "long",
  "subscription": "subscription object",
  "customer": "customer object",
  /* if the invoice is billed to parent, this is the child customer that holds the      subscription */
  "childid": "guid",
  "child": "customer object",
  "businessunitid": "guid",
  "businessunit": "businessunit object",
  "invoicelines": "invoicelines[] array",
  "dunningschemeid": "guid",
  "dunningscheme": "dunningscheme",
  "dunningstep": "integer",
  /* set by Upodi - external ERP id */
  "externalfinance" : "string",
  /* normal=0, draft=1, booked=2, failedbook=1024 */
  "externalstatecode" : "integer",
  /* the error received from the receiving system of the invoice */
  "externalerror": "string",
  /* used for integration, can be set to a custom value */
  "refkey" : "string",
  "nextretry": "datetime",
  /* set by upodi */
  "createdby": "guid",
  /* set by upodi */
  "modifiedby": "guid",
  /* set by upodi */
  "createddate": "datetime",
  /* set by upodi */
  "modifieddate": "datetime"