productplancharge object

Properties of the productplancharge object

    /* set by upodi */
  "id": "guid",
  "productplanid": "guid",
  "fullname": "string",
  "invoicetext": "string",
    /* 8=flatfee,16=perunit,tieredpricing=32,volumepricing=64,procentage=1024,custom=12 */
  "pricingmodel": "integer",
    /* 8=onetime,16=recurring,32=usage */
  "chargetype": "integer",
    /* 100=daily,200=weekly,300=monthly,
       400=quarterly,500=annually */
  "billingperiod": "integer",
  "billingperiodinterval": "integer",
    /* 8=subscriptionstartdate,16=subscriptionenddate,
       128=billingperiodend,256=subscriptionrenewal,1024=customersetdate */
  "billingperiodalignment": "integer",
  "billingday": "integer",
  "defaultamount": "decimal",
  	/* a string used to identify products for balancing purposes usually in erp-systems */
  "sku": "string",
  	/* a string used to connect products for switch plan */
  "anchorcode": "string",
  "taxable": "boolean",
    /* 0=charge, 10=dependency; - dependency to a parent productplancharge */
  "productchargetype": "integer",
    /* 0=standard charge, 1=add-on charge, which can be added in abundance */
  "chargesetup": "integer",
    /* 0=none, 2=average, 4=sum, 8=lowest, 16=highest, 32=last, 64=range, 128=sumaverage */ 
  "usagedatacalculationtype": "integer",
    /* 100=daily, 200=weekly, 300=monthly, 400=quarterly, 500=annually, 1000=dayofweek, 1100=dayofmonth, 1200=lastdayofmonth */
  "usagedataperiod": "integer",
    /* in combination with usagedataperiod - 1 is 1 month */
  "usagedataperiodinterval": "integer",
    /* only used for sumaverage. what should the sum be divided by, to calculate average. For example usagedataperiod of 1 year and sumaveragefactor 12 would give you the average monthly use from that year */
  "sumaveragefactor": "decimal",
    /* contains aligned productplancharge objects */
  "addonproductcharge": "productplancharge object",
  "addonproductchargeid": "guid",
  "productplan": "productplan object",
  "productplanchargepricings": "productplanchargepricing[] array",
  "subscriptioncharges": "subscriptioncharge[] array",
  "uom": "uom object",
  "uomid": "guid",
    /* set by upodi */
  "createdby": "guid",
    /* set by upodi */
  "modifiedby": "guid",
    /* set by upodi */
  "createddate": "datetime",
    /* set by upodi */
  "modifieddate": "datetime"