Rate Limitations

Our API employs a number of safeguards against bursts of incoming traffic to ensure its stability. Users who send many requests in quick succession may see error responses that show up as status code 429. We have several limiters in the API.

  • Any tenant instance is restricted to a maximum of 50 concurrent requests.
  • A maximum of 1.000 deletes in a row is allowed.

If you exceed this limit you will receive a 429 response and will have to re-play your requests. Our API is at your disposal, but please consider how you use it.


Concurrency vs. per-second

Concurrent requests is a definition indicating the maximum simultanious threads to run. This is NOT a per second strategy. When running your setup, you should limit based on concurrency.


Our platform is build on multiple components and multiple tiers. Each tier runs their function. To protect and ensure stability across all components, the rate limitation is there to protect your operation and your data and deliver succesful payments on every request.