These pages help you get familiar with Upodi as a programmer.

Upodi makes handling recurring billing easy

You set up your products, and your customers subscribe to it. You create the desired payment methods for your customers.

We handle the recurring invoicing and handle the payment using the chosen payment solution. We handle dunning in case of failed payments. We can communicate to the customer via email on every possible trigger and for example deliver the invoice directly. Lastly we will export the invoice to your chosen ERP for bookkeeping.


Developer - Welcome!

We love the subscription business and thank you for taking the time to review our development hub. Please do not be shy - contact us immediately if you find questions not answered - you can always have a direct chat with us using Intercom below.

Upodi API is using HTTP methods and a RESTful endpoint structure, and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. Format requests in JSON and the APIs return JSON-formatted responses. Upodi API does not support XML content negotiation.

A resource can support the following basic REST API actions (that are actually HTTP methods):

  • GET for retrieving the resource
  • POST for creating the resource
  • PUT for modifying the resource
  • PATCH for modifying only specific elements
  • DELETE for removing the resource

In need of assistance?

Upodi support can be reached 09:00 to 16:00 GMT+1, Monday - Friday. Refer to your contract for on-call support during non-working hours.

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