Using our Software KITs

To make it quick and easy for you to build your Upodi integration, we maintain a Software Development Kit for .NET so you can quickly get started without having to do a lot of coding.

# Install our NuGet package:
install-package Upodi.Sdk

Then implement the library into your code:

using Upodi;
using Upodi.Objects;

Your first request

UpodiService upodi = new UpodiService("UpodiAPIKey");

Now you can test whether you have access by making your first API request. You can start by listing all your customers even though you might not have any yet:

var customers = upodi.Customers.List(all: true);
curl -X GET
-H 'Accept: application/json'
-H "Authorization: Bearer {UpodiAPIKey};"

Next up let's add your first customer.