transaction object

Properties of the transaction object

  "id": "guid",
  "customerid": "guid",
  "invoiceid": "guid",
  /* unknown=0, decline=8,failure=16,manual=32, success=1, pending=64, authorized=128, captured=256 */
  "statecode": "integer",
  /* inactive=7, active=1, draft=0, deleted=1024 */
  "status": "integer",
  /* void=2, verification=4, payment=8, refund=16, decline=32, chargeback=64 */
  "type": "integer",
  /* 0=sandbox, 1=production */
  "environment": "integer",
  "totalamount": "decimal",
  "currencycode": "string",
  "paymentmethodid": "guid",
  "paymentproviderid": "guid",
  "customer": "customer object",
  "paymentmethod": "paymentmethod object",
  "paymentprovider": "paymentprovider object",
  "businessunitid": "guid",
  "businessunit": "businessunit object",
  "invoice": "invoice object",
  /* none=0,generic=101010, cardexpired=30000, invalidcardnumber=40100, invalidcardexpiry=40200, invalidcardcvc=40300, carddecline=101011, carddeclinefraud=101020, cardholder=101021 */
  "errorcode": "integer",
  "gatewayreference": "string",
  "gatewayresponse": "string",
  "gatewayerrorcode": "string",
    /* set by upodi */
  "createdby": "guid",
    /* set by upodi */
  "modifiedby": "guid",
    /* set by upodi */
  "createddate": "datetime",
    /* set by upodi */
  "modifieddate": "datetime"