Adyen is providing a wallet based platform for common payment providers. The following payment methods are supported by Adyen, and more follows.

Payment methodCurrenciesRecurringRefundsChargebacks
Amazon PayAny
Apple PayAny
Credit cardsAny
Google PayAny
SEPA direct debitEUR


In Adyen choose Developers then Webhooks setup a new Webhook. Click Add on Standard notification, and set URL to{tenant id}/callback/adyen under Server configuration and choose TLSv1.2 with JSON. The rest of the settings can be left as they are. Your tenant id is provided by support.


Configuration of Adyen webhook is mandatory

Configuration of Adyen webhook is required for Upodi to know the final payment status.

Payment methods

Adding payment methods

To add payment methods in Upodi, Adyen must first tokenize the payment method for recurring usage. Please consult the Adyen documentation here.

Once tokenized, you will recieve a shopper reference and a token.

To create a payment methods for Adyen, make a POST request to /paymentmethods/ with a body as follows:

    "gateway" :"adyen"
    , "source" : { "Token": "cse_lWQLKs+0Fr+C2oeA", "shopperreference": "test12345621217" }
    , "customerid" : "{provide upodi customer id here}"
    , "makedefault" : true   

About payment methods

SEPA Direct Debit

SEPA direct debit is only supported by EUR currency. Any payment or refund using SEPA not in EUR will decline. [Read more](


Vipps only supports NOKcurrency.

Advanced options

Some Adyen payment methods require a pre-authorized payment to configure the payment method. Upodi allow refunding of this pre-authorized payment as part of the payment method flow.

Extend the source parameter with the options as follows:

    "gateway" :"adyen"
    , "source" : { 
      	"Token": "cse_lWQLKs+0Fr+C2oeA"
        , "shopperreference": "test12345621217" 
      	, "immediateRefund": true
        , "initialPaymentReference": "XNBVPNKKC4K4J4C2"
        , "currency": "EUR"
        , "amount": 0.05 
    , "customerid" : "{provide upodi customer id here}"
    , "makedefault" : true   


If the payment method support charge backs, Adyen may notify Upodi on any future chargeback. Upodi capture this by the configured webhook, and will mark any invoice as chargeback should this happen.