To use Upodi with QuickPay tokens, you must create a subscription in the QuickPay gateway provider, by following the various integration options. This is a design requirement by QuickPay.

As QuickPay token, we use subscription token in this example of ID 101239321.

Read how to create a subscription in QuickPay here.


QuickPay only supports one currency per token

It is important that you match currency in Upodi with a subscription currency in QuickPay, if currency is setup incorrectly QuickPay subscription will be charged in currency that is set.

Upodi Payment

To create a payment method for QuickPay token, make a POST request to Create Payment Method using the SubscriptionID from Quickpay as the Source.

  "customerid" : "guid" /* The customer to save the payment method to */,
  "source": "string" /* The subscription id from quickpay */,
  "gateway": "quickpay",
  "makedefault": true /* Set to true if you want it to be automatically used from now on */