Configure Quickpay on your Upodi tenant with an API key with the appropriate permissions. Read this guide on how to do that.

To use Upodi with QuickPay tokens, you must create a subscription in the QuickPay gateway provider, by following the various integration options. This is a design requirement by QuickPay.

As QuickPay token, we use subscription token in this example of ID 101239321.

Read how to create a subscription in QuickPay here.

You can snap a code snippet from our Github page here.


QuickPay only supports one currency per token

It is important that you match currency in Upodi with a subscription currency in QuickPay, if currency is setup incorrectly QuickPay subscription will be charged in currency that is set.

Upodi Payment

To create a payment method for QuickPay token, make a POST request to /paymentmethods/:customerid/ with a body using the createpaymentmethod request object:

  "type" : 64 /* PureTokenBased = 64 */,
  "makedefault" : "true", /* will make the payment method default */
  "puretoken" : { 
    "token" : " 101239321", /* QuickPay subscription ID */
    "paymentgateway" : "quickpay"