User management

Every user in your organization can have an user account appropriate to their role and function.

Access to Upodi is provided by the level of a user. Any user can have access to one or many tenants. User access to each tenant, is provided on the basis of a role.

Every account that signs in to Upodi must have a unique username. A username must be an e-mail address.

Roles and permissions

A user may have different roles on different tenants. As a minimum, a user will be a limited user.


These roles are defined by the platform:

  • Limited user. All users have this role.
  • Standard user
  • Administrator


What is a tenant?

A tenant is an instance in Upodi, seperating data from other tenants. A tenant is often a merchant. Data is isolated per tenant, in a dedicated database enabling high security and redundancy.

A tenant can also be a sandbox version, a production version or a geographic version.


AreaLimited userStandard userAdministrator
Administration & configurationRead & writeFull
CustomersReadRead & writeFull
SubscriptionsReadRead & writeFull
InvoicesReadRead & writeFull
Product PlansReadRead & writeFull