Editing plans

Over time your product plans will change in both design and pricing. Adding a new charge or changing the supported currencies are often the impact of changing plans when running a subscription business.

To edit a plan, you will first have to deactivate the plan. Doing so will exclude all subscription operations on this product plan until it is active again.

Once deactivated, you can edit the plan's default settings - SKU, full name, family, currencies and how changes are handled.

Duplicate or change current?

If the product plan is actively being used by a subscription, you will get a notice once you deactivate a product plan. This notice will inform and ask if you want to duplicate and create a new product plan - or continue to edit the current plan. Duplicating the plan, will create an exact copy of the product plan, enabling you to control version and later application to the subscriptions at hand.

Should you decide to edit the current plan - changes may apply to future or all current subscriptions using this product plan.

Adding new charges

When the product plan is deactivated, you can add new charges to the product plan. Configure the product plan as needed, and should the product plan be in use on any subscription - you will get asked how to apply the new charges.


Adding a new product plan charge

Only new subscriptions

If you decide not to add the charge to existing subscriptions, only subscriptions created after the activation of the product plan, will issue the new charge.

Adding to existing subscriptions

Adding the charge to existing subscriptions require a few other settings.

Set quantity to default amountYou can specify a default amount of the charge. This will apply the charge to all subscriptions using the product plan with that quantity.
Set quantity to 0By setting quantity to 0, all subscriptions using the plan will get the charge with quantity set to 0 causing no billing. This is a safe choice.
Align next charge date toProvide the option to select when the newly added charge should become active. If the product plan has many charges, you can determine one or the other edge of which the plan will adopt the product plan charge.


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