Connect Upodi to your Bank Account

In order to conduct settlement in Upodi it can be beneficial to automate some of the matching of postings on your bank account with the invoices in Upodi. Aiia lets you do exactly that.

By linking with Aiia you can allow Upodi access to your bank account and allow us to automatically match the descriptors and other metadata from your bank statements with the invoice and payment info we have from Upodi. This will automatically settle invoices, where the bank wire transfer or the Fælles Indbetalingskort payment had the correct descriptor and input from the end-customer.


Re-authorize every 90 days

Aiia requires you to re-authorize the connection once every 90th day in order to stay connected. Aiia will make sure to prompt you when it's soon time.

This will automatically settle the vast majority of your manually paid invoices, and will allow you to focus on those that need manual settlement.


Data Refresh

To automatically keep end-user data up-to-date, Aiia update it every 6 hours. Except for transaction details, which are limitted to fetching once in 24 hour period. Transaction details are items such as masked pan, and bank details.

Matching Criteria

Matching occurs by retrieving bank entries. These data is used to compare again un-settled and un-paid invoices and credit notes. Matching criterias are as follows:

  • Bank transaction contains the invoice number from Upodi.
  • Bank transaction contains payment details such as FI, RF and/or masked pan.
  • Bank transaction total match a single outstanding payment.
  • Bank tranaction sender information match metadata from á customer (one).

Only in the case of a fully 1-to-1 match, we settle the invoice. If not possible, we will create a list of unmatched settlements for manual processing.

If settled amount matches the Invoice Total, with a tolerance based on a possible currency exchange, we mark the invoice as Payment Status Paid. The Invoice Settlement Status will reflect the settlement status Settled, PartiallySettled or OverSettled.

The invoice Reconciliation-section will display the settlement entries matched by Aiia and the source will reflect this.