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The invoice is generated when a customer is ready to be billed. The invoice calculates all quantities and prices for the customer and calculates VAT if specified in your settings. Creating an invoice based on a subscription is defined as a billing cycle. Upodi is running the billing cycle(s) 24x7, and will issue a new invoice at any time a subscription charge is ready to be processed.

The invoices can be automatically exported to one of our integrated ERP systems if this has been specified in your settings.

One-off payments, or custom billing

Upodi supports the creation and posting of custom invoices. Simply navigate to Finance > Invoices and click Create to start creating a new invoice. You can also use the API to post a new invoice, please read more here.


We're always happy to help with code or other questions you might have! Search our documentation or contact helpdesk. You can also chat live with us using the Intercom icon.

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