Payouts from Payment Providers

When dealing with payments, a payment provider (i.e. a payment gateway like Stripe, GoCardless or Adyen) will transfer funds to your bank account in a regular cycle. Typically, this is a month or 45 days. This term is called pay-out or account settlement, Upodi refer to this as pay-outs.

  • Pay-outs are conducted outside of the jurisdiction and control of Upodi, and is merely a transaction between you the merchant, and the payment acquirer, through the use of a payment gateway.
  • Pay-outs come in bulk, which means that multiple transactions and invoices are bundles into a single pay-out.


Invoice (INV-00043)DKK4.300,-Upodi & Payment gateway
Invoice (INV-00054)DKK2.000,-Upodi & Payment gateway
Invoice (INV-00055)DKK3.000,-Upodi & Payment gateway

To balance the pay-out vs. the documented sources of the pay-you, you will have to refer to the payment gateway you have chose for Upodi. Upodi marks all transactions and invoices with distinct gateway references and allow tracking. If supported by the payment gateway, we will also record the settlement amount and currency.

Fees may be redacted
Please be aware that fees for each transaction may be redacted. The create an additional balance in mapping the invoices base vs. the income.