Bulk upload of Invoices

When one invoice is not enough

Invoices can be uploaded to Upodi in bulk through the invoice overview. The invoices will be imported in the draft state and from here they can be manually booked either separately or in bulk.

The file input is a .csv-formatted file in either danish or english formatting and a template example can be downloaded from the import-feature in Upodi.

Basic requirements for the file:

  • Required fields: Customer Currency Quantity UnitPrice TaxExempt InvoiceDate Title
  • One currency per invoice e.g. DKK
  • One invoice per customer (split to separate files if you need to)
  • A maximum of 1000 invoice lines. If you exceed this please split the CSV-file.

Refer to the below examples for formatting guidelines:

FormatSeparatorDate FormatDecimal Separator