How to use Dinero with Upodi


Dinero is a small financial application (ERP) today owned by Visma. Dinero manages all debit and credit including financial transactions.

  • Upodi will automatically post generated invoices directly (new, changes and payments) to Dinero.
  • Upodi will automatically post customers (new or changes) to Dinero.
  • Upodi will automatically post contacts (new or changes) to Dinero.

Test account of Dinero

You can sign up for a demo account of Dinero here .


  • To use Dinero with Upodi, you need a Dinero Pro subscription which enables the Dinero API.
  • Dinero will need created products matching each SKU used in Upodi.

All SKU values used in Upodi must have a matching product created in Dinero.

What’s Next