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How to use Dinero with Upodi

Dinero integration for Upodi

Dinero is a small financial application (ERP) today owned by Visma. Dinero manages all debit and credit including financial transactions.

  • Upodi will automatically post generated invoices directly (new, changes and payments) to Dinero.
  • Upodi will automatically post customers (new or changes) to Dinero.
  • Upodi will automatically post contacts (new or changes) to Dinero.

Test account of Dinero

You can sign up for a demo account of Dinero here .

Requirements and Setup

To use Dinero with Upodi, you need a Dinero Pro subscription which enables the Dinero API. Once the account is setup, follow these steps to integrate your Upodi account with your Dinero account.



Dinero will need to match each SKU of a product plan charge with a product in Dinero. All product plan charges in Upodi must have a specified SKU for the integration to work.

You must specify the feature/SKU.

  1. Sign into Upodi, then select Apps in the Upodi section, and then select Dinero.
  2. Open another browser, and sign into Dinero. Select Options from the menu bar, then API and click New API Key. Type a name for the key (i.e. Upodi) and click Create API Key.
  3. Once the key is generated, copy this API key for later use and record the company ID in the lower left corner. You will use these next.
  4. Within Upodi, type the API key, the company Id and check the general ledger account for foreign and local customers.

This integration is maintained by Upodi

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How to use Dinero with Upodi

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