Going live

AMAZING! So you are ready to go live and build recurring revenue?

When you are ready to do live transactions, and send real e-mails to customers, follow these few steps to go live with Upodi. Hurray!

Before you go live, please validate your PCI compliance level. Before you go live, make sure your website(s) are secured by SSL certifications.

Going Live Checklist

  1. Go to Setup > General.
  2. Under E-mail communications be sure to add a bcc e-mail if you want to retrieve a copy of all communications. Ensure to review DKIM, SFP and DMARC as well.
  3. Enable the checkbox under Send emails to customers. This will immediately activate external e-mail communications.
  4. Review Taxation rules, configuration of Payment Providers and make sure to understand the default e-mail templates you have set up.
  5. Switch from Sandbox to Production Mode. In the upper right corner, click on the yellow button labelled Sandbox Mode.
  6. Click Enable Production Mode and you are now conducting live transactions.


Think twice

Remember all your test data will also come live. This may impact test credit cards, customers and subscriptions you have created during your test period. If you want to clean the customer, subscription and invoice data this can be done from the settings section by an administrator.

Common Principles

  • Consider buying a secure seal to highlight your commitment to security.
  • Secure your website according to the OWASP Top Ten.