Payment Status

An invoice will always have a Payment Status, which reflects whether the invoice has been paid or not using an associated payment method.

The different Payment States for an invoice are:

Notpaid (Ready)The invoice payment status is not paid.
PaidThe invoice has been manually marked as paid or the response from the online payment method was of a success.
CancelledThe invoice has been cancelled and will not be tried paid with any payment method.
PendingretryThe invoice is attempting a retry payment.
PendingresponseA payment has been carried out and we are now awaiting a response from the payment provider. For credit card type payments this state is typically very short. For other payment methods this can take up to a few days.
DeclinedThe associated payment method declined the transaction.
FailedThe Payment failed before reaching the Payment Service Provider. Most often because of a faulty Payment Provider setup.
DunningThe invoice failed initial payment and is now in dunning