AltaPay is a national payment provider, suporting Danmark, VISA and Mastercard. To use AltaPay you must first configure a terminal to allow recurring payments and tokenization.

  • In addition, it is important to understand that AltaPay does not support multi-currency scenarios. Only process payments with the same currency of the terminal and invoices.
  • Partical refunds are not allowed only full amount.

Payment methods

AltaPay is supported using 3 distinct and different token formats.

Token typeFormatRemarks
Transaction* tran_{transactionId}
Card token* cardtokenDefault approach.
Agreement* agr_{agreementId}Recommended

To use Upodi with AltaPay tokens, you must create a payment token via the AltaPay frontend integration.

We recommend the path using createPaymentRequest as follows:

 curl --request POST \
  --url https://<YourShopName> \
  --header 'Authorization: Basic (auth)' \
  --data type=subscription \
  --data agreement[type]=unscheduled \
  --data terminal=(your terminal) \
  --data shop_orderid=abc123 \
  --data amount=50 \
  --data currency=DKK \
  --data config[callback_ok]=(valid OK callback)

The callback will receive an XML response. Use the value as the agreement Id.

To create a payment method with an AltaPay token, make a POST request to /paymentmethods/{customerId} :

  "gateway" : "altapay",
  "makedefault" : "true", /* will make the payment method default */
  "source" : "agr_(agreementId)", /* AltaPay token */