Discount code

Discount- or rebate codes. Often referred to as vouchers can be created under each discount. A discount code works as a reference application of a discount and is only subject to be combined with the use of the Upodi API. Read more about applying discounts here. You can choose to create one single code for a campaign with a wide distribution of a single code, or use the generator to generate multiple unique codes for the voucher scenario.

Typically application is used when customers sign up, given discount codes can be handed to customers to allow a "special offer" at the time of sign-up.

Discount code generation settings

Generate multiple codesCheckboxCheck this box if you want to generate multiple codes i.e. vouchers.
Discount CodeNo restrictionsSpecify the entire campaign code here. For example "SpringCampaign".
PrefixNo restrictionsOnly used if you generate multiple codes. Will be placed before the generated code. For example "MyCode-aTE56Ew".
AmountNumeric valueOnly used if you generate multiple codes. Specify how many codes you want to generate.
RedemptionNumeric valueRedemption defines how many times the discount code can be applied. "0" means the code can be applied an infinite amount of times.
Expire dateDatetimeA specific date at which the generated discount codes cannot be applied anymore.
Is RestrictedCheckboxCheck this box if you want the created codes to be restricted only to certain product plans.
Product PlansSelectorOnly used if the codes are restricted. Fill in the product plans here where the discount codes are eligible to apply.


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