Discount codes

Discount- or rebate codes. Often referred to as vouchers can be created for each discount. A discount code works as a reference application of a discount and is only subject to be combined with the use of the Upodi API. Read more about applying discounts here.

Typically discount codes are used when customers sign up, given discount codes can be handed to customers to allow a "special offer" at the time of sign-up.

Single code or many one-time use vouchers?

There are two main ways of using discount codes, specifying one singular discount code fx. 'Christmas2022' that is widely distributed or generating a number of single-use vouchers that can be sent or distributed to individual customers. This is selected when you generate the discount codes on the discount.


When generating codes you may want to restrict the use of these. We allow several types of restrictions which we will go through below, and all of these can be used in combinations with each other.

Restrict use to certain Product Plans

On the discount code generation you can restrict the use of it to certain product plans only. The appliance of the code will not work if the product plan subscribed to is not in the allowed list of product plans. Also prevents a switch plan to a non-allowed product plan if the code is applied. If you want to allow the switch remove the discount first.

Restrict the Amount of Uses

Redemption is chosen on the generation of discount codes. You decide how many times each unique discount code can be applied.

Restrict the Time for Last Successful Appliance

You also specify an expiry date on the discount code generation. This is when the generated discount codes can no longer be applied.

You can always expire the discount codes manually should you want to at a later point.


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