Charges are equal to products or items. Charges will convert to invoice lines upon billing. As such, charges hold attributes like stock keeping units (SKUs), invoice text and meta data.

Every charge have a period. In Upodi, time is not elastic, yet set on the product plan charge.

Full Name

A meaningful name used internally.

Invoice Text

As opposed to Full Name then this is the external name used on the InvoiceLine.Title invoiceline object and displayed externally to the purchasing customer.

Stock keeping unit

SKU is used for billing purposes. We use SKU upon transferral to external financial platforms.


The anchor is used like a SKU to keep product plan charges connected when Switching plans.

Default Quantity

Decides which quantity the charge will have upon subscribing to the product plan. If the product is central to having a subscription at all, then you probably want to have 1 in default quantity. If on the other hand the product is an optional or a usage-based purchase, where quantity is added based on the usage of the customer or the addition of extra modules then the default quantity is probably 0.


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