Nets Easy


Nets Easy is a nordic payment service provider operated by Nets A/S. Additional information can be found here:


Have your Nets Easy account ready. A trial account can be created here. To setup Nets Easy in Upodi, please have your integration keys from Nets Easy available. You will need four (4) keys found under Company > Integration.

In Upodi, go to Settings > Payment Providers > Configuration. Select Nets Easy and click Connect. Provide the four keys and click Connect to complete.


Sandbox = Test and Production = Live

When the Upodi environment is in sandbox mode, the test credentials are used and payments and tokens are issued towards the test environment. Once you put Upodi in production mode, payments and tokens are issued towards the live environment.

Adding a payment method

Tokenization process

  1. Follow this guide from Nets Easy to create an Nets Easy subscription token.

To create a payment method for Nets Easy, make a POST request to /paymentmethods/ with a JSON body as follows:

Example of body

    "gateway" :"dibs_easy"
    , "source" : "{provide nets easy subscription token here}"
    , "customerid" : "{provide upodi customer id here}"
    , "makedefault" : true   


Upodi v2?

Looking for information for Upodi v2? It is right here.