Advanced Alignment Options

There are special advanced alignment options which allow you to control when the charge is to assume it's first charge start date. This is not to be confused with the billing date, which is when the period is billed, but is regarding from which point we calculate the period, which goes on the invoice line.

For many or all of your charges you probably don't need to change this, as you generally just want the charge to start whenever the subscription starts. So for these just stick with the default.

You define charge alignment for a given product plan, under the Product catalog, Plans and under the Product Plan Charge in the Advanced pane.

Charge alignment options

Align to subscription start date

By aligning a charge to the subscription start date, the given charge will be triggered from the day the subscription starts. This is the normal behaviour of subscriptions and disregards the activation date, and will charge customers forward for the charge period.

Align to subscription activation date

By aligning a charge to the subscription activation date, a charge is dormant till the subscription is activated, and will be aligned with the activation, not the start date as specified in the subscription. In cases where the subscription is created in advance and the activation may happen later, and you then want all the charges to start billing from the activation rather than the start date in the past.

Align to subscription end date

The end date alignment enables charges to occur on the last date of any given subscription. The end date of a subscription is when the subscription does not auto renew, or when an evergreen subscription is cancelled.

Align to subscription cancellation date

By aligning a charge to the subscription cancellation date, you can setup Upodi to provide automated cancellation fees. The charge will occur when the subscription is cancelled immediately. If a subscription is cancelled at next renewal, the charge will not be triggered.

Align to charge-period end date

A charge period is the cycle of any charge. By aligning the charge to the end date of a given charge period, you enable Upodi to charge backwards.


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