With Maventa you can automate the GLN invoicing of your customers in Finland, Sweden and Norway. GLN Invoicing is the transmission of invoices in a common standard language called OIOUBL (XML), ensuring the invoice follows the same established format and is machine readable. Maventa is turned on in Apps > Maventa, and once turned on it will automatically start invoicing GLN customers with a contact of the GLN type with a valid GLN number.

When Maventa is turned on, a new section on the invoice will display the GLN sendout status.

When you use Upodi to distribute e-invoices via Maventa, you do not need any license with Maventa, Upodi have this covered.

Distribution via Maventa

E-invoice distribution via Maventa will alter the format of invoice using the designated destination country.

Destination countryFormat
FinlandFINVOICE 3.0
SwedenOIOXML 3.0
NorwayOIOXML 3.0



  • Your company CVR Number added in the setup > general section
  • Contact of type GLN with a GLN number