Collective Billing

If you happen to have several subscriptions for one customer, but still want to collect those invoices when they happen to be billed on the same day, you can enable collective billing on your customer. This will open up a draft invoice on the billing day of a subscription, which collects all the different Invoice Lines coming from different subscriptions before it finalizes and books by the end of the day (08:00 GMT+1 daily).

This also works for a parent customer with child customers having multiple subscriptions when the child customers have [bill to parent] enabled.

It is perfectly suited for when:

  • You have a main company with many sub-departments with each their subscription
  • You have a reseller with many end-users
  • You have customers with more than one subscription following the same billing cycle

The structure of the collected invoice will always group the invoice lines by the following rules: First it groups it by the parent customer, then it groups it by child customers and finally it groups it by individual subscription numbers.


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