Self Service Customer Pages (GoSignup)


If you've already managed to add your customers and their subscriptions to Upodi or you do that manually, then you might want to implement Upodi's hosted pages to let your customer view the invoice online and maybe even allow them to add their credit card for payments. We call the solution GoSignup and the self-service capabilities are continuously expanded.

Supported Payment Providers


Aiia Pay (coming soon)

Mobilepay Subscriptions (coming soon)


For payments it's currently required that you have enabled one of the supported payment providers

How do I start using it?

GoSignup links are readily available and nothing has to be configured. There's two ways you can provide the link to your customers.


Find the link directly from the invoice via the Share button.

And pick the share with customer. This provides a shareable link.


When configuring your email templates you can include the handlebar {Invoice.ShortLink} as described in Merging e-mail content into your email body. This link will always resolve to the online view of the invoice.

This link is available whenever there is an actual invoice in question:

  • New invoice
  • Invoice as PDF
  • Dunning Notification
  • Dunning Failed

From your Customer e-mails.