You can download resources for use on your subscription and/or billing pages as follows.

Terms and conditions

Providing subscription services and e-commerce transactions is often handling digital payments. To provide online transactions, you must provide clear and precise indications of terms, tenure and conditions of the services, you ask customers to subscribe to. This checklist helps you establish the guidance needed for providing the best in class terms:

  • Company and contact information. Please provide clear indication of whom the subscriber is buying from, including not excluding information such as legal company name, address, zip code, country, VAT/GST number and clear contact details, including support, finance, complaint and legal.
  • Services and subscriptions. Please provide a prestriptive description of the services, how these are handling, provided and/or shipped and when.
  • Terms and cancellation. Please make sure you highlight the terms and cancellation policies of your subscription services, including where and how to cancel the subscription. If there is minimum contract terms, trial periods, pre-payments etc. you have to provide these information very clearly to the customer.
  • Money and currency. Currency and amount is required by almost any payment vendor like VISA, Mastercard, Dankort etc. Provide a clear overview of the total price, the subscription value and terms of pricing.

Get common terms and conditions here.

Card logos

These are the common card logos to display.